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(Updated March 12, 2021)

IMPORTANT: Flood the LPC…Again

The developers are presenting a revised design to the Landmarks Preservation Commission on March 16.

Simply put, the new design shows zero intent of addressing any of the community’s concerns. You can see it here.

We have until Monday, March 15 at 12 PM EST to get our letters in to testimony@lpc.nyc.gov. Write your own or…


Sign the Petition

Click here to add your signature to the online petition opposing the project. You can share it with friends and neighbors by using the short URL change.org/PreserveCHN.
Please note that the change.org platform asks if you want to donate after you sign. If you do this you are sending money to change.org, not to us. We are not soliciting any donations.

Join the Mailing List

The best way to help not just today, but in the weeks and months ahead, is to join our mailing list, this way you can stay informed of various action items as they come up.

Distribute Flyers

Can you help hand out flyers on your block? Do you live in a large building near 920 Park Place where you can slip flyers under neighbors’ doors? If so, shoot us an email at friendsof920park@riseup.net. You can also download and print posters here and here to post in your window or on your door.

Post on Social Media

Spread the word using the hashtag #DefendTheCrownBK. You can download Instagram-ready images here, and follow us on there at @friendsof920park.